selling your homeSharon RobieStrong seller competition July 28, 2021

Sellers: Preparing for Your Closing

Finally, you have accepted an offer on your home. Besides packing and moving, you have a lot to do, but where should you start?


Sharon Robie, Sales Associate at ERA Justin Realty, states, “The first priority should be to keep the deal alive. To do this, you must do some transactional tasks. The most important thing a seller needs to do is request the payoff loan information for the house they are selling as soon as the listing agreement is signed. This allows the closing company to know how much the payoff is for your current lender, if any.”


Once this is established, do these to prepare to close.


Prepare for the Home Inspection-The buyer will likely spend more time in the home during the inspection than they did during the actual showings. Make sure the inspector has access to the furnace, water heater and electrical panel.


Address Inspection Requests- Be sure to keep the receipts for all work done and provide them to buyers 48 hours before the walk-through.


Prepare for the Appraisal- Your agent will arrange to meet the appraiser at your home. Leave your home in the same condition as for a showing. Additionally, make sure the appraiser has access to all rooms and areas of the house.


Cancel Homeowner’s Insurance Policy- This should be done the day after closing.


Change of Address- File a change of address with the U.S. Postal Service.


Disconnect Utilities- Contact utility companies and arrange for transfer of service.


Organize manuals- Locate any manuals, instructions, warranties, etc. for the purchaser. This helps avoid questions after closing.


Final Walk-Through- Be sure you do a final walk-through with your Listing Agent! This eliminates unpleasant surprises and problems at the closing table.


Keys and Garage Door Openers- Bring all house keys and garage door openers to closing.


There are so many moving parts and issues that can arise when closing on a home. An experienced Sales Associate like Sharon Robie ensures it goes smoothly! Call Sharon or any of our ERA Justin Realty agents today at 201-939-7500 for help closing on your home.