Danielle Settedressing your homeJessica Davidsonpricing you home January 3, 2019

2019 Tips on Dressing and Pricing Your House For Strong Showings

As important a landmark as buying a home is in people’s lives, if you’re selling a house you’ll have to put careful thought into customers’ first impressions, because many sales will be made or lost before they reach the front door, or as soon as they walk through it. Danielle Sette and Jessi Davidson Team ERA Justin Realtor agents share tips for pricing your house correctly when readying for a sale.

Danielle offers a menu of possible ‘first impression’ areas that an owner may want to consider. “First consider curb appeal, the feeling customers get from the upkeep of the house and grounds, and how comfortable this makes them imagining themselves as a resident. You want to do everything you can to make them see your house as their house, both outside and in. A new paint job is an investment that might be considered if it more than pays for itself, and neat landscaping, trimmed shrubs, and new flowers put your prospective buyers in just the right frame of mind. Inside, kitchens and bathrooms should be in sparkling condition. These rooms are known to be what makes up many home-seekers’ minds. Removal of odors like pet smells and smoke will lessen distractions and have customers focus more on your home’s possibilities. The clearing out of clutter is crucial.”

Jessi added, “The fewer belongings you have crowding your rooms and closets, the bigger the home will appear, and the easier it will be for potential buyers to envision placing their own possessions there. Put some things in storage if you need to, or hold a garage sale to help cut down on some of the build-up you were going to clear out for moving anyway. For buyers picturing themselves in your home, it’s also good to present it in as general taste as possible. Personal memorabilia, collectibles, and eccentric wall colors and furnishings should go out with the clutter. Repainting rooms in a neutral white also helps convey the sense of spaciousness. Clean windows, fresh flowers, and other small details with a big impact are what you want to be remembered. From major improvements to subtle touches that tip the scales in your favor, the features of a house that we often take for granted can be the ones that determine your home selling success. According to the National Association of Realtors®, curb appeal alone accounts for half of all home sales.”

ERA Justin broker Jennifer Darby Metzger added, “A little effort now saves you a lengthy process later. First impressions will expedite the sale and securing the services of our qualified Realtors will make it all the surer. One of our ERA Justin Realtor agents can guide you in all these matters, from supplying a checklist of presentation tips, to recommending affordable painting contractors, to helping you rearrange the furniture. Whatever it takes, we can give you confidence that for some buyer soon, the showing of your home will be love at first sight. We also will provide a current home market analysis (CMA) with information in determining the true value of a house and the right asking price. In the end, however, the homeowner should decide on a price that he or she feels is competitive and consistent with the price at which other houses in the area have sold. Our CMA report for our sellers is truly comprehensive in all aspects. Complete with color photos and detailed information, it makes pricing easier for those planning a sale. Truly, there is a difference in real estate companies, and our details will make the difference. We ask buyers and sellers to compare. We believe that in order to exceed expectations of what ERA Justin Realty is about, we don’t offer just real estate basics, we try to be as comprehensive as possible. In that way, we know that our buyers and sellers will hold us all in the highest regard.”