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Who We Are

  • JRC Referral LLC was formed as an independent referral brokerage to provide easy accessibility for Referral Licensees to refer business within New Jersey, Nationwide, and Internationally.

  • Allows Referral Associates to generate income and maintain their active real estate licenses.

  • JRC is a vehicle that allows holders of New Jersey real estate licenses, who are not functioning as full- or part-time real estate licensees, to reap the benefits of referring real estate opportunities--listings and sales-- without paying the usual costs (MLS fees, Board of REALTOR dues, marketing fees, etc).

  • JRC is independent and not affiliated with any Realtor organization and thus Referral Associates are not required to join local multiple listing services or any Board of Realtors.

  • JRC Referral Associates will not personally list or sell real estate but can offer all real estate services by referring customers/clients through JRC. Referral Associates, like Sales Associates, are independent contractors and are responsible for paying their own business costs, expenses and applicable taxes.

  • JRC Referral Associates are not required to live in New Jersey; however, they must retain their New Jersey Real Estate License.

Who Can Join?

  • Current Sales Associates. Active Sales Associates, with another Broker, may transfer their license to JRC.

  • Sales Associate would be responsible for license transfer fee to the State Treasurer of NJ.

  • New Licensees. New licensees may join JRC upon successful completion of their NJ Real Estate exam. New
    licensee would be responsible for applicable fees to State Treasurer of NJ.

  • Sales Associates with Inactive Licenses. Sales Associates who have escrowed their licenses at the Real Estate Commission may re-activate their license into JRC. Associate would be responsible for re-activation fee to State Treasurer of NJ.

  • License Status. The Referral Licensee acknowledges that their license status at the NJ REC is that of REFERRAL AGENT and that if they return to ACTIVE Sales Associate status in the future, they will be responsible for completing the required NJ continuing education credits at that time. Referral Licensee also acknowledges that their license may only stay in REFERRAL status for a total of 3 NJ REC state licensing  cycles (a total of 6 years) before they would have to complete the NJ Salesperson licensing course again in order to reactivate (to be monitored by the licensee himself or herself).

  • NOTE: The NJREC has time limits on re-activation of licenses. Contact JRC REFERRAL LLC immediately to determine current status of your license and re-activation guidelines.