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Fast Fixes to Make Your Home Look Great

The expression, “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression” applies to houses just as much as people. “The exterior of your home offers visitors and passersby their first hint at the people who live inside,” says Joana Iliescu, a sales associate with ERA Justin Realty. “Here’s some easy ways you can make sure your home will stand out in your neighborhood.”


Freshen Up the Front Door

Painting your front door a bright color might seem risky, but it will really grab attention. Make sure your choice complements the existing color palette and house style. “Try to be bold without being obnoxious,” Joana advises, adding, “If that’s not your style, then consider upgrading hinges, knobs, knockers, and kick plates for a completely like-new appearance.”


Install Landscape Lighting

Proper lighting can make a huge impact. Solar landscaping lights are a great addition to any yard because they don’t require complicated and expensive wiring.


Update Landscaping

“No matter how big your yard is, adding shrubs, trees, and bushes that frame and complement your home will provide a big boost to overall curb appeal,” Joana recommends. “Make sure to keep your lawn maintained as well.”


Upgrade Your Garage Door

Maybe your garage is a mess inside, but if you have a great looking garage door, no one will know. Joana suggests, “You can paint an old garage door quickly and inexpensively. If you have a larger budget, consider replacing roll-up doors with carriage-style ones for a classic, yet modern look.”


Renew Railings and Fences

Think about painting or replacing the fence around your property or railings leading up to your front door. “This small improvement makes a huge boost to the visual appeal of your front yard,” Joana advises.


Create a Beautiful Walkway

“Your front walkway guides visitors to your home — make sure to create a pleasing experience for them,” Joana states. Decorative pavers and bricks can be laid in an attractive pattern that draws the eye to the front door. If you’re on a budget, you can create a lined path of cedar or other wood chips that release a nice fragrance when stepped on.


Not up to tackling these projects on your own? Contact Joana or any of the other experienced agents at ERA Justin Realty at 201.939.7500 to refer you to the trusted home maintenance vendors in your area.