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For ERA Justin Realtors School is Never Out

ERA Justin Realty broker co-owner Jennifer Darby Metzger serving buyers and sellers for 21 years explains the benefits of real estate education.  Also a New Jersey licensed real estate instructor she explains, for Realtors school is never out.
For ERA Justin Realtors School is Never Out

For real estate professionals at ERA Justin Realty, the season of learning is 365 days long and a continuing cycle of professional education. Not only meeting the New Jersey Real Estate Commission continuing education requirements for licensing renewal but for attending seminars that benefit their buyers and sellers. Education and seminars have made them their Realtor of choice since 1950 in Bergen, Passaic Hudson and Essex Counties.
Jennifer Darby Metzger, ERA Justin broker co-owner and  New Jersey licensed real estate licensing instructor said, “The business of being a Realtor has become significantly more complex. Innovation in technology and the knowledge required to apply it effectively to our profession continues to proceed at a dizzying pace. Our clients use technology to communicate with us in ways that few could have imagined just a few short years ago, and they expect us to be every bit as comfortable with using technology as they are. As cell phones have replaced office phones and electronic organizers replaced appointment books, the power of the Internet offers global marketing presence to every Realtor at our firm.
The regulatory environment in which the real estate industry operates has become more complicated as well. Legal protections for consumers, a host of financing options and a myriad of state and local regulations place demands on our attention so we are prepared to best serve the interests of our clients. Therefore, the knowledge base that each one of us must possess grows daily. This all serves to make our firm a real estate market leader.
I’m not suggesting for a moment that sales professionals should feel nostalgia for simpler times. In truth, successful Realtors have always invested considerable effort to achieve success. If a sales associate’s job simply consisted of putting up a sign, running an ad and waiting for the phone to ring, our profession would have been phased out of existence long ago. It is precisely the considerable knowledge required to help clients reach their real estate goals that instill value in what we do  in our industry.
The intelligent use of technology has always been a core principle at ERA Justin Realty, particularly when it comes to education. In addition to classroom settings we attend, additional education is held in via Internet webinar classes.
There is another important difference between our Realtors and eager students, a difference that is challenging and invigorating. Unlike students, Realtors don’t have to wait until the end of the semester to find out how they are doing. The results are visible in a client’s happiness when they find a home that meets their needs both financially and emotionally, which lets us know how we are doing every day.”
Metzger concluded, “We are proud to offer this information, one of a series for homeowners. We offer continuing articles as an added measure to make our phrase ‘There is a difference in real estate companies,’ more than just a phrase, but a reality. Because of our daily efforts, we’ve received the prestigious ERA world-wide ‘Commitment to Excellence Award.’ For these reasons ERA Justin Realty should be your buying and selling Realtor of choice.”
The staff of ERA Justin Realty Realtor sales associates can be reached at either of their two Rutherford offices at 118 Jackson Avenue and 57 Park Avenue.  By office phone (201) 939-7500, (201) 438-0588 or (201) 438-SOLD. Also view 1000’s of homes at their websites at and