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ERA Justin Realty’s Michelle Korosy’s enthusiasm and attention to detail proves to be an asset for her buyers and sellers. She has a love for real estate and is well-versed with knowledge of the industry. She is very familiar with scenic design and those skills are invaluable in assisting sellers to ready their homes for prospective buyers. This experience combined with her ability and interest in architecture also makes her a knowledgeable resource for her buyers. She offers first impression tips for autumn selling.


When it comes to your home, first impressions are everything. Buyers will drive by and make an instant decision on whether they want to step inside. The exterior of your home, in conjunction with the landscaping, has the ability to make or break the first appearance. Just as important as accessories are to completing an outfit, the perfect front door can instantly increase the curb appeal of your home.
Michelle Korosy an ERA Justin Realtor agent, with years experience, said, “To gain the viewpoint of the potential buyer, walk across from the front of your home and give it a critical look. Is there something that is less than appealing? Does it look neat, clean and most of all, inviting? Take notes and decide where your improvement dollars might be best spent. Whether you replace your front door, or spruce up the one you now have, the improvement will be noticeable. You will get your share of positive comments from friends and neighbors about how handsome the house looks.  Depending on your home’s exterior finishing, you might consider painting the door a color that complements the color of the trim, rather than matching it. Consult a color wheel, and consider the colors located adjacent to the trim color, or directly opposite. Red, purple, or green front doors are not uncommon today. The door is a relatively small space, considering the expanse of the front of most homes, so you can choose an unconventional color for the door and not have it overwhelm the facade. And because of the small area of the door, it can be easily repainted if you change your mind. Some experts have reported that a yellow door adds immediate impact and clearly says, ‘Welcome.’ If you have a solid wood door, consider refinishing it. If the wood is particularly beautiful or interesting, you can simply oil or seal it to show off the grain. Talk to someone at the paint store about the best way to enhance the appearance of your wood door and protect it against the elements.  You can also freshen up the entrance by polishing or replacing the hardware on the door. If the doorknob, lock, and kick plate is shabby, buy new ones. Measure what you have before you go shopping.”
Korosy continued, “Fiberglass doors are popular for special orders. Special order fiberglass doors cost more than what you would expect to pay for a steel door. Fiberglass doors do not dent or chip, and are impervious to the weather. Steel and fiberglass top the list of popular door choices, but wood doors continue to do well. Wood surfaces must be refinished and varnished every few years, depending on how much they are exposed to the elements. Mahogany is a popular choice, especially in wet or humid climates, because it does not expand or contract much. Oak is an excellent wood for a front door but is very hard and does not accept paint well. Keep this in mind should you decide to paint it later on. Consider whether your home is stucco  or brick, and note the interesting architectural details. Your front door should enhance the existing elements, not compete with them. Newer homes with cleaner exterior lines can take on an elaborate door, though the design should be in keeping with the home’s size and style. New stock doors give you dozens of options, while a custom door is often the focal point of the property. Whether you paint, refinish, or replace the door, freshening up the entrance is sure to enhance your home’s curb appeal.”

Ron Darby and Jennifer Darby Metzger ERA Justin broker-owners suggested, “While making a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report for our sellers, a comprehensive report in all aspects, we can make some first impression suggestions.  It is complete with color photos and detailed information, and can make pricing easier for those planning a sale.  Truly, there is a difference in real estate companies, and our details will make the difference. We ask buyers and sellers to compare.  We believe that in order to exceed expectations of what ERA Justin Realty is about, we don’t offer just real estate basics, we try to be as comprehensive as possible.  In that way, we know that our buyers and sellers will hold us all in the highest regard.”
Metzger concluded, “ERA Justin Realty has proudly received over 700 written reviews about our services and our publication What People are Saying is on file at our office for your review. We are proud to say, one review an honor and over 700 reviews, a tradition.”

For more information on CMAs and to review their over 700 written reviews,  consumers can reach the ERA Justin Realty sales team at either of their two Rutherford offices at 118 Jackson Avenue or 57 Park Avenue. By phone at (201) 939-7500(201) 438-0588 or (201) 438-SOLD.  Additional real estate information is also available at the firms 1000’s of homes websites at and