Buyer's RemorseERA Justin RealtyERA Justin Realty agentreal estateSharon Robie April 19, 2017



You’ve dreamed of home ownership and after a careful search, you’ve found the perfect one. So, what is this knot doing in the pit of your stomach? Why are you asking, “Did I make the right decision, what have I gotten myself into?”

Sharon Robie, ERA Justin Realtor agent says, “You have a simple case of Buyer’s Remorse. We all get it, whether you purchased a house, a car or that special pair of shoes. It’s a phenomenon especially if you’ve made a major purchase. Buying a home could be the biggest purchase you’ve ever made. It’s a common and understandable feeling. You’ve just stepped way outside of your comfort zone. So, what do you do to keep these feelings in check?”

Sharon continued, “These feelings will subside, especially when you begin to count all the ways this new purchase will benefit you. You can begin deducting the interest you pay on income tax. And you’ll be building equity with every payment and every improvement. Also keep in mind that property is almost always the one investment that continues to appreciate in value. And don’t forget that you now have your own four walls to do with as you please – no more landlord to ask about your decorating ideas. Tax laws update regularly so ask your accountant for all of the details and benefits waiting for you.

Remind yourself that the banking industry likes you and thinks you’re a good choice to provide you with a mortgage loan. They see you as a good possibility. So when your confidence concerning, trust the bank’s positive opinion of you and your ability to handle this obligation.

Once you have things somewhat in place, you should start to feel a lot better, especially when friends come by to congratulate you on what a great decision you’ve made. Home ownership is the dream of most people. With planning, budgeting and doing your homework, you’ve just made it all come true. So, settle in and be very proud of your accomplishments. Those anxious feelings will be a distant memory as you enjoy all the benefits of home ownership. I’m anxious to serve you. I strive to obtain complete customer satisfaction, a quality I have often been praised for and one that I continually pursue. These are words I’ve lived by throughout my business life. I want to be your Realtor and can be reached by office phone (201) 939-7500, (201) 438-0588 or (201) 438-SOLD.”