Uncategorized November 17, 2022

Supporting Your Local Businesses

Supporting small businesses is an extremely important part of setting our community up for success. Local businesses strengthen our economy, provide jobs to our friends and neighbors, reduce environmental impact, and do so much more to benefit the towns and neighborhoods we live in. Wondering the best way that you can support local businesses? See our suggestions below: 

  • Shop Local This Holiday Season 

“You can‘t buy happiness, but you can buy local and that’s kind of the same,” – Author Unknown. Whether you’ve already made your holiday wish list or are just beginning to wrap your mind around holiday planning, make the conscious effort to shop locally this season. This magical time of year positions us with an excellent and unique opportunity to support our local shops and owners through purchases and recommendations to friends and family. 

Instead of supporting large corporations, consider heading to your favorite local spots to pick curated gifts for your loved ones. For example, grab a gift card from one of our favorite local businesses, Jennifer Layne Acupuncture & Wellness, and give the gift of rest and relaxation this year.

  • Leave Positive Reviews 

If you have had a great experience with a small, local business – make sure to share it! Reviews and customer testimonials go a long way to grow a brand and its reputation within the community. A higher number of reviews increases a business’ online presence and visibility and helps to expose it to new customers. While leaving a review only takes a couple minutes of your time, it makes a long-lasting impact on any business. 

Extend the practice of leaving reviews beyond the internet through word-of-mouth recommendations. Sharing your favorite local spots with your network serves as a powerful tool that is sure to help a small business grow. 

  • Support on Social Media 

Get social with your support! One of the best ways to support a business is through engagement on their social media pages. This provides you a direct line to the business, where you can share your enthusiasm and encouragement of the brand. 

Give your favorite local businesses a follow, engage with their content via likes and comments, and share their posts with your own followers. 

“From one local business to another, our team at ERA Justin Realty knows how important it is to support and uplift the incredible members and businesses within our local community and so greatly appreciate when our clients and friends do the same for us,” says Jennifer Darby Metzger, Broker/Owner of ERA Justin Realty. “These businesses are owned and operated by our neighbors, family, and friends. They do so much to help our community and deserve all of our support in return!”