Uncategorized Why You Should Sell Your House Now Timing can be crucial when it comes to making significant financial decisions. If you’ve been contemplating selling your house, it’s time to take that leap. Here’s why: It’s a Seller’s Market The biggest reason to sell your house now is it’s a seller’s market. “Inventory is more than 50% lower than normal nationwide,” says Laura […]
Uncategorized ERA Justin Announces Q2 Leaders ERA Justin Realty Co is proud to announce its 2023 Leaders for the second quarter of the year. The winners are: Jennifer Sullivan, Libera “Lee” Schilare, Julia Dagistanli, Fara Espandi, Danielle Sette, Jessica “Jessi” Davidson, and Rosemarie Zembryski.  “This market is red hot again. But, that doesn’t mean houses are selling themselves,” said Jennifer Darby […]
Uncategorized Tips for First Time SELLERS Tips for first-time homebuyers are easy to find. Know your budget… get pre-approved… But what about first-time sellers? You rarely see tips for that. Here are some things you need to know. Prepare Emotionally Buying and selling are very different transactions. Buying a home can bring excitement for a new era. Selling a home can […]
Uncategorized Your Dream Home Close your eyes. Imagine your dream home. Chances are you’d have to win the lottery to buy what you were just picturing. But how close can you get? For that, we will have to take your dream state and break it down into two lists: your must-haves and nice to haves. So let’s start big, […]
Uncategorized New Jersey in Demand New Jersey has always been seen as a desirable place to live, but right now it is more popular than ever. There are several reasons why. New Jersey’s real estate market has been experiencing a surge in demand ever since 2021. “For many home buyers, the pandemic caused a shift in priorities in both personal […]
Uncategorized Multiple Bids: Who Wins? 33 bids on one house. That was the result for ERA Justin Realty and one lucky homeowner who put their well priced home up for sale this Memorial Day Weekend.  On one hand, it’s great that your house is in high demand. But on the other hand, getting that many offers can be overwhelming. How […]
Uncategorized Serving Diverse Clients Hate has no home here. It’s a sentiment taken to heart at ERA Justin Realty. ERA Justin’s team of real estate agents showed this by taking time to learn new ways to best understand and serve the diverse population of Northern New Jersey and beyond.  A thought-provoking panel discussion was held at Elia Restaurant in […]
Uncategorized Independence From Renting This 4th of July, declare your independence from renting! “There is nothing like the feeling of freedom you get when you buy your first home,” says Grace Tirrito, Sales Associate at ERA Justin Realty, “Instead of paying your landlord rent, you’re essentially paying yourself.” Here are 5 reasons why it’s better to own, than rent: […]
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Uncategorized Pet-Proofing Your Home Our four-legged friends are often some of the most important, and most adorable, members of our family. In order to provide our furry companions a safe place to explore and grow, our team recommends “pet-proofing” your home. Not only does this create a safe environment, but it also protects  your home from any wear-and-tear and […]
Uncategorized Hoarding Help “Your house doesn’t have to be in pristine condition in order to sell it,” says ERA Justin Broker/Owner Jennifer Darby Metzger, “We can help you clean it out or explore other options.” Darby Metzger has personal experience dealing with top-to-bottom clean-outs, having done it for someone close who passed away leaving behind three homes that […]
Uncategorized Counting Closing Costs Figuring how much to expect in closing costs can be confusing, especially if you’re a first time homebuyer. Here are some facts to help you factor it all in ahead of the big day. What are they? Let’s start with the basics. What are closing costs and why do you have to pay them? “Closing […]
Uncategorized Younger Homeowners Downsizing Downsizing to a smaller house. It’s usually part of retirement. The kids are grown and on their own, and  you don’t need so much room. But there is an interesting trend growing amongst Millennial homeowners: They don’t want so much space either.  “Some younger homeowners are choosing to downsize to smaller homes or condos,” says […]
Uncategorized ARMs Making A Comeback? Adjustable Rate Mortgages are making a comeback. “They’re called ARMs for short,” says Danielle Sette, Sales Associate at ERA Justin Realty, “‘ARM’ was a dirty word after the housing bubble burst in 2007, but not anymore.” Adjustable Rate Mortgages tend to become more popular as fixed rate mortgages rise. “Borrowers are looking for any way […]
Uncategorized Spring Cleaning Now that warm weather is finally here, it’s time for a good spring cleaning.  “Regardless of whether you are trying to sell,” says Cathy Vick, Sales Associate at ERA Justin Realty, “Now is a great time to give your whole house a once-over.” So open the windows, turn on some music and get going! Here […]
Uncategorized Homeownership Builds Wealth Emptying your pockets to shell out that first down payment… It may seem like buying your first home is going to break the bank.  However, the fact is it will actually make you richer in the long run. “It’s the number one way for the average American to build wealth,” says Catherine Nimmo, Sales Associate […]
Uncategorized How a Couch Can Impact The Purchase of Your Home Buying a home can be one of the most exciting times of your life. There is so much to prepare from signing contracts to buying furniture and more. But while you’re furniture shopping and see your dream couch, take a moment to pause before making the purchase. While you may not think anything of it […]
Uncategorized Downsizing Boom Downsizing Boom Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age. If they move and where they go could have a profound impact on the housing market. “As we see the transition of the large Baby Boomer generation age into retirement,” says Jessica Lautz, Deputy Chief Economist and Vice President of Research at the National Association of Realtors […]
Uncategorized ERA Justin Announces 2023 Q1 Leaders ERA Justin Announces Q1 Leaders ERA Justin Realty Co is proud to announce its 2023 Leaders for the first quarter of the year. The leaders are: Cathy Vick, Danielle Sette, Fara Espandi, Jennifer Sullivan, Jessi Davidson, Julia Dagistanli, Lee Schilare, and Rosemarie Zembryski.  “The market is so very different than it was this time last […]
Uncategorized ERA Justin Agents Recognized by National Awards ERA Justin Agents Recognized by National Awards Once again, ERA Real Estate is honoring a large group of local ERA Justin agents for their achievements in 2022.  These National Level Circle of Success Awards recognize brokerages and affiliated agents for their outstanding accomplishments, commitment to service and professional success, and were awarded at the ERA […]
Uncategorized Welcome Winster Ceballos! Winster Ceballos Joins ERA Justin Realty’s Family of Real Estate Professionals   ERA Justin Realty is thrilled to welcome new Sales Associate Winster Ceballos to the team. Winster is a native of the Dominican Republic who has lived in Clifton for over 20 years. He says he joined ERA Justin because serving his community is […]