Uncategorized May 23, 2024

Less is More

When it comes to staging your house to sell, less is more. 

“You want fewer everything,” says Michelle Korosy, Sales Associate at ERA Justin Realty, “Fewer family photos on the piano, fewer throw blankets in the living room, fewer coffee mugs in the kitchen cabinet.” 

One way to achieve this is by decluttering. “By clearing out all of the unnecessary items in your home,” says Jennifer Darby Metzger, Broker/Owner of ERA Justin Realty, “you’re clearing the way for buyers to imagine themselves at home.” Here are some of Jennifer and Michelle’s top reasons why you should declutter and remove extraneous furniture before your first open house.

Maximize Space

Too much furniture can make even the most spacious homes feel cramped. By removing unnecessary items, you can showcase the true potential of your space. This allows potential buyers to visualize their own belongings in the home and appreciate its size and functionality. 

Sense of Order

A cluttered home can give the impression of poor maintenance and neglect, which can deter potential buyers. On the other hand, a clean and organized space conveys a sense of care and attention to detail. When buyers walk into a clutter-free home, they feel a sense of calm. Decluttering helps eliminate distractions and allows the focus to be on the property’s overall appeal.

Enhance Visual Appeal 

In today’s digital age, most buyers begin their search online. A clutter-free space appears more photogenic, with better lighting and a clearer view of each room. Captivating visuals can generate more interest in your property.

Streamline the Moving Process

By decluttering before listing your property, you’ll have fewer items to pack and transport, saving time, money, and energy. It can also help you prioritize what is truly necessary, making it easier to move.

Bottom Line

Remember, less is more when it comes to real estate. So, roll up your sleeves, start sorting, and enjoy how a clutter-free home increases your chances of a successful sale. Need help getting started? Michelle Korosy or any of the experienced agents at ERA Justin can help. Call (201) 939-7500.