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david jackson Terms to Know When Buying a Home The process of buying a home for the first time can sometimes feel like learning a whole new language. Contingency? Equity? Escrow? What does it all mean? Here are some key terms to know:  Credit Score Mortgage lenders use your credit score to determine how likely you are to pay your future debts. “The number […]
buyer Tips for Solo Homebuyers If you’re living on your own and looking to buy a home, know that you can make your dream a reality with thoughtful planning and the right team of experts.   “The number of sole-person households has nearly doubled the past 40 years,” says Libera “Lee” Schilare, Sales Associate at ERA Justin Realty, “and that’s expected […]
buy a house Why Spring 2022 is the Time to Buy Are you thinking of buying a home? If so, Spring is traditionally a great time to make your purchase. It’s when most sellers decide to list. This Spring, inventory is increasing like usual, but you still need to be prepared to act fast. Here’s why:  More Home Listings, But Still More Buyers With more active […]
home buying tips Tips to Beat the Competition Making an offer on your dream home can be nerve wracking, particularly in a seller’s market when there are buyers than homes for sale. Here are some tips to help stay ahead of the game and beat the competition: Know Your Budget Knowing what you can afford is critical to your success in obtaining the […]
buying a home Why You Should Buy a Home This Year Buy a home or continue renting? Arguing the financial benefits can create a heated debate. However, there is one element in the home buying corner you can’t ignore: equity. “Owning a home makes you money,” says Christian Peguero, Sales Associate at ERA Justin Realty. “By renting, you’re paying someone else’s mortgage and making them money.” […]
david jackson Mortgage Rates Expected to Keep Rising in 2022 Mortgage rates can determine how much you can afford to spend on a new home. The lower they are, the more house you can get for your money. 2021 saw some of the lowest mortgage rates ever recorded. They started creeping up toward the end of the year and experts expect rates to continue rising […]
1st time homebuyer tips Waiting to Close on Your Home? Don’t Do This! Your offer is accepted and you’re so close to moving in! New homeowners need to avoid these actions that can delay or halt the process of closing on their new home.   Glenn Elliot, ERA Justin Realty Broker Associate, explains, “Buying a new home hinges on several key things falling into place: finding the right […]
buying a home What to Expect with Your Home Inspection A proper home inspection is the best way to purchase a property that’s not a home improvement nightmare. Before you purchase a home, hire an inspector to make sure the structure is sound and there aren’t any defects.   An inspection helps buyers identify serious issues with a house, condo, townhouse or other type of […]
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Cathy Vick Six Tips When Buying a Home When buying a home in today’s complex real estate market, it is critical to have a local, trusted adviser on your side. Cathy Vick, seasoned Real Estate Sales Associate at ERA Justin Realty states, “Finding a home can be daunting as a first-time homebuyer if you aren’t prepared”. Here […]
down payment How Much Do You Know About Down Payments? How Much Do You Know About Down Payments? ERA Justin Realty’s Lauren Waddell offers, “Whether you’ve owned a home before, or you’re ready to jump into homeownership for the first time, there are always a lot of questions swirling around about what is truly required for a down payment, and how to best source down […]
buying a home 5 Tips for Buying in a Tight Market It’s no secret that much of the country is currently a sellers’ market, but how can you help your buyers stay strong in this competitive landscape? REALTOR Magazine online recently shared five tips for doing so, all of which are easy for you and your clients to adopt if you haven’t already. Home shoppers are […]
Circle of excellence New Homebuyer Tips offered by ERA Justin Realty 2016 NJ Realtors Circle of Excellence Achievers New Homebuyer Tips offered by ERA Justin Realty 2016 NJ Realtors Circle of Excellence Achievers Ask any of the ERA Justin Realty 2016 NJ Realtors Circle of Excellence achievers and they will advise, “Buying a home is a focused decision to begin with; the only prospect more daunting may be doing it for the first […]