Home selling Rising Mortgage Rates: 3 Things Buyers Can Do Mortgage rates jumped again. They’re now over 6%, for the first time in 2008. That’s more than double the 2.86% it was this time last year. But this doesn’t mean you should give up on your dream of homeownership. There are things homebuyers can do to offset the higher interest rates.   Expand Your Search […]
home ownership The Perks of Owning More Than One Home The coronavirus pandemic changed many things over the past couple of years and real estate is no exception. One apparent change is the increased desire to own more than one home. “It has a lot to do with remote working,” says Sanela Lindov, Sales Associate at ERA Justin Realty, “Now that employees are not tied […]
buyer Tips for Solo Homebuyers If you’re living on your own and looking to buy a home, know that you can make your dream a reality with thoughtful planning and the right team of experts.   “The number of sole-person households has nearly doubled the past 40 years,” says Libera “Lee” Schilare, Sales Associate at ERA Justin Realty, “and that’s expected […]
career Real Estate Equals Transition In When Harry Met Sally, a classic New Year’s movie, Billy Crystal jokes that death notices should be adjacent to apartment listings.  “While maybe a little crassly put,” says Jessica (Jessi) Davidson, Sales Associate at ERA Justin Realty, “real estate is about transition.”  Young couples buy houses to start a family. Families move to towns […]
Community Supportrd Agriculture Real Estate Is More Than Selling Houses A short time ago, Hurricane Ida swept through northern New Jersey flooding basements and destroying retaining walls. The outpouring of neighbors helping each other was quite wonderful.    “In our town, we had people lending each other sump pumps, pool pumps, wet-dry vacs, and then actually setting them up and clearing each other’s basements.” says […]
achieving dreams Factors To Consider Before Buying A Second Home With summer in sight, you may be considering purchasing a second home to enjoy family vacations or perhaps just have a change of scenery while working from home. “A second home is a wonderful investment for many people,” says Grace Tirrito, a sales associate at ERA Justin Realty. “But before you make the leap make sure […]
American dream Homeownership Will Always Be a Part of the American Dream According to Morgan DePalma, “On Labor Day we celebrate the hard work that helps us achieve the American Dream. Growing up, many of us thought about our future lives with great ambition. We drew pictures of what jobs we wanted to have and where we […]
down payment Still Think You Need 15-20% Down to Buy a Home? Think Again! Still Think You Need 15-20% Down to Buy a Home? Think Again! ERA Justin Realtor agent and management administrator Michelle Korosy points out directions for home ownership. “According to a new study from Urban Institute, there are over 19 million millennials in 31 cities who are not only ready and willing to become homeowners but […]
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